Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ: Bringing Christian Performers into the Spotlight

Do you feel that God has instilled in you the ability and desire to be a performer? If so, I can relate because acting has been my life-long passion. Whether you are an actor, singer, model, or comedian; AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ) can introduce you to the the entertainment industry while providing you with a support group of Christian entertainers.

AMTC is a Christian organization that trains performers in their craft and teaches them the basics of the entertainment industry–all while keeping their focus on God. It isn’t easy being a Christian in Hollywood, so preparing for the inevitable spiritual challenges with other Christians facing the same challenges, is very beneficial.

SHINESlider-06At the end of training (which consists of seminars and online resources) is SHINE, a 3-day event at which artists perform in front of agents and casting directors from around the country.

It does cost roughly $2,000 to join AMTC, so naturally people wonder, “Is this a scam?” As someone who has completed the program, I can guarantee you that it is not. Is it cheap? No. But neither are head shots (around $800 in Los Angeles), acting lessons (between $200-$500), or other showcase programs.

AMTC offers several weeks of training in cities throughout the U.S., online training modules, a photo shoot, and the opportunity to perform for some of the top movers and shakers in the industry. At the SHINE event, participants enjoy an even larger array of seminars that are both educational and inspiring. The year I attended SHINE, Christian actress Abbie Cobb led an amazing seminar with words of encouragement that continue to resonate with me today.

SHINESlider-02Topics AMTC participants can expect to cover include: “The Best Way to Handle a Cold Read,” “What to Wear to an Audition,” “How to Create a Demo Reel,” and “How to Format Your Resume and Head Shot.”

AMTC also provides advice tailored to each participant’s career goal and personal needs. For instance, when I decided to move to Los Angeles, an assigned representative gave me advice and even introduced me to the Bible Study I currently attend.

Now keep in mind, AMTC does not guarantee that one of the agents or casting directors will be interested in signing you. In fact, I am going to be totally honest, and tell you that I received very few call backs at SHINE. After reviewing the footage of my performance, however, I know why. By clinging to my performance comfort zone, I ended up fading next to the many talented performers surrounding me. Despite my disappointment, I still have to say SHINE was truly a valuable learning experience! I was driven to hone my performance skills and take risks to stand out from competitors.

Since moving to Los Angeles a year and a half ago, I have signed with an agent, booked two national commercials, developed a demo reel, and will soon be joining the actor’s union. AMTC may not have provided me an agent from at SHINE, but they did provide me with the foundation I needed for further opportunities.

You never know exactly how God will work in your life, but I do believe with all my heart that I was supposed to be part of AMTC–even when things did not go exactly as I had imagined. That’s how God works. He is always full of surprises and His ways are better than ours. So, if you do believe that God is leading you to be a performer, I highly recommend praying for His guidance and asking Him if AMTC is right for you.


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