Celebrity Spotlight: Tia Mowry-Hardrict

Tia Mowry-Hardrict rose to fame alongside her identical twin sister Tamera Mowry-Housley in their popular 90’s show Sister, Sister. From there, they continued to use their double-trouble act in shows like Seventeen Again, Twitches, and Double Wedding. However, their appearance isn’t the only thing the girls have in common. They are both outspoken Christians in Hollywood. While Tamera voices her beliefs in the popular talk show The Real, Tia will be staring in the upcoming faith-based film Indivisible (In Theaters October 26, 2018).

Tia and Tamera in Sister, Sister photo shoot

Tia and Tamera began their relationship with God at the age of 8 when they were living in Honolulu. According to a Los Angeles Times article, when the preacher at their church asked, ‘Who wants to know Jesus for their personal savior?” both girls went forward.  Later that afternoon, Tia felt the presence of God. She recalls, “I felt peaceful. It felt warm, beautiful, like no other feeling in the world. I felt I was chosen by God. From then on, we knew that we were saved. We knew that Jesus was our father. But we really didn’t know him until we were 14 years old, because that’s when we started, like, actually talking to him and reading the word.”

Only two short years later, Sister, Sister made 16-year-old Tia and Tamera superstars. With such pressure at a young age, some may find it surprising that the girls managed to grow up with their morals intact. “My sister and I; not naming any names; run into so many people who say before they get famous, ‘I will never [compromise],'” Tia said in an interview with Christianity Today International, “all of the sudden we see them taking their clothes off.”

Tia and Tamera at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards

Instead of compromising their beliefs, the sisters have maintained their close relationship with God and continued to attend church even in the midst of their success. However, when you’re famous, even going to church can be a struggle. One church the twins attended started catering to their celebrity parishioners in a noticeable way. They gave them the best parking spaces and escorted the celebrities to special seats. Tia and Tamera, however, did not appreciate this treatment. “My sister and I are not really that type of people. We don’t see ourselves as celebrities,” Tia also added, “Jesus Christ wants everybody to see that whether you’re rich or poor, a doctor or a janitor, God sees us all the same and looks at our heart.”

It wasn’t just the staff at the church that treated the girls differently. Tia explained, “One time, I had my hands lifted up. I was crying and praising God, and then someone touched me on my left side and said, ‘Can I have your autograph?’ That was extremely odd how someone could forget where you are.”

This type of treatment didn’t dissuade the girls from church. Instead, they simply attended one better suited to how they would like to worship. In the 2005 Christianity Today International article, Tia stated that, “This church that we’re going to right now basically treats everybody the same. If you are a celebrity, they don’t move you to the front of the church. You just sit anywhere you want.”

Tia on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine

As a further example of the girls’ appreciation for normalcy, both Tia and Tamera gained college degrees in psychology at Pepperdine University. However, neither left Hollywood behind. Outside of the dynamic duo, Tia has left her mark on Hollywood in shows like The Game, Instant Mom, and as the voice of Sasha in the Bratz series. She also hosted her own Cooking Channel show Tia Mowry at Home.

Soon, you will also be able to see her in the new faith-based film Indivisible. It is based on the true story of an army chaplain and his wife struggling to keep their marriage together. Tia, the daughter of two military parents said in an interview with Black Enterprise, “What attracted me to this movie is that it honors military families and their home life. I dealt with everything in the army right in my backyard.”

Tia now has a family of her own with husband Cory Hardrict. After meeting on a movie set, the two married in 2008 and have two children together; Cree, age 7, and her new baby girl, Cairo.

Tia, Cory, and Cree at the How to Train Your Dragon 2 Premiere

Although Tia has developed an individual career, the Sister, Sister duo still manage to unite for various projects. One such project is their Twintuition book series for young readers. Authored by both sisters, the series focuses on the fictional lives of twins Cassie and Caitlyn who start experiencing strange visions after moving to a new town.

Despite all the success they have had and continue to have, Tia and Tamera still keep their eyes focused on what is most important. “People don’t want to hear that God doesn’t care whether you have a ‘Dr.’ by your name or whether you’ve won an Oscar. In Hollywood, you’re not on the cover of a magazine because you helped the poor or volunteered at a hospital; you’re on the cover because you’re worth so-and-so amount of money,” she went on to tell Christianity Today International, “We have to focus on the fact that all of this is temporary. The main thing God is concerned about is what we’re doing for Him.”

Tia photoshoot for Vinepair

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