K-Pop Goes Christian

In a relatively short amount of time, K-Pop (Korean pop music) has become a global phenomenon. Psy’s Gangnam Style music video has been viewed over 3 billion times on Youtube, the popular boy band BTS is mentioned nearly 600,000 times a day on Twitter, and the K-pop festival K-Con is held in 8 different countries. Following the massive success of the secular musicians, Christian K-pop artists are beginning to emerge. Below are 5 songs, in various genres, for Christian K-pop fans to check out.

 Up Up Up

Artist: Brian Kim

Language: Korean/English

TTW (Tell the World)

Artist: Plan.Z

Language: Korean/English

Praise the Lord

Artist: Jenissi

Language: Korean

W-Boyz Anthem

Artist: Rene Mars, JOEY, Jabez, Liwon, G-Fu, N2theg, Wildwhip, Nagg Rock, Tweli G

Language: Korean/Japanese/English

God is Savior

Artist: RoseM

Language: Korean/English













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