THE PERFECT PLAYLIST FOR: When You’re Just Plain Happy

A happy day deserves a happy song! Here are 12 songs that will put a skip in your step and keep a smile on your face all day long. Just click on the song title to go to the YouTube video. If you have any other songs that make you happy, share them with us in the comment section!

C1NpQ-2WEAE3jIFThe Happy Song

Artist: Jamie Grace



Mandisa_Overcomer_CVRJoy Unspeakable

Artist: Mandisa




40ff20da4f75966aa34d77d5b055a240.1000x1000x1Happy Dance

Artist: MercyMe






Artist: Hillsong United




Mandisa-Out-Of-The-Dark-CoverGood News

Artist: Mandisa





Count Your Rainbows

Artist: 1 Girl Nation




81ws7ITGWAL._SL1500_Old Church Choir

Artist: Zach Williams





Artist: Building 429





Artist: MarcyMe





Artist: Royal Tailor



41irL-CzqrL._SS500Nothin’ On You

Artist: Hollyn




Beautiful Dayjamie-grace

Artist: Jamie Grace

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